lmfao wow

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Fuck sonic

nah son fuck u

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my school's yikyak consists of people talking about this giant crane in the middle of campus (we're building a new library) and they're saying things like "let's worship the mighty crane" and making up prayers to recite to this crane it's very strange

is your campus ok


Homegirl on a mission

90% of our schools yikyak is complaining about the rain or complaining about the wifi lol

we uh. broke melee???




i used to be good at math but then i finished 1st grade


when ur mom comes into ur room and u have to pretend that u are studying quick


a very well drawn comic about the classic fake nice guy, for those of you who are asking why i roll my eyes at guys that feel the need to constantly remind everyone that they’re nice and everyone else is a douche

sound i hate #59340598: someone scratching their head/hair for an extended period of time




So it’s the first day of college and there are people handing out bibles everywhere

I think it’s a part of the Christian idea to help those who “need it most”. You’ve made yourself clear that you do not accept God, and they feel morally obligated to “save” you. This is merely an explanation of their actions, not a justification of said actions.

So they see me as a challenge