lookin kinda cute, feelin kinda awful because i caught a cold

*doorbell rings on tv show* *dog freaks the fuck out for 20 mins*

Anonymous asked:

Please make that ghost types and fairy types design into a shirt

trying to decide how!! should i go through a site like redbubble or whatever? or print my own somehow and mail them out to people myself. idk man

Anonymous asked:

has your url always been klefable? :o

nope! i think it has been for almost a year though :*


Ayoooo I love my hair

2kawaiiforyou asked:

I saw you icon and i could have sworn you were klefable. I had to double take.


Ahhh I didn’t know who she was but then I saw her blog She’s so cute I feel like we could be hella friend omg

i found my twin and she has better eyebrows than me??? omfg


ghosts & fairies

i’m actually thinking about making this into a shirt???


met these lovely ladies (they didn’t want my flowers)

the worlds dumbest internet friendship by me feat chaseketchum (i was looking though my old skype folder and i found these and im laughing a lot because w o w theyre so old and we’re so lame)


when you type “waa” instead of “was”